Just eat the fat!: Part 1

I love butter.  And bacon.  And cheese.  And all of those other things we aren’t “supposed” to eat.  What do all of these things have in common, aside from being some of the most loved foods on the planet?

They are high in fat!

  Doctors and the media like to tell us to stay away from fat, especially the saturated kind.  We have been taught to avoid them at all costs and believe that they will give us heart disease and make us overweight.  Even the word “fat” itself is now associated with negativity and fear.

When did this happen?  Didn’t our ancestors raise cows and chickens?  Didn’t they thrive and continue the human race for hundreds, if not thousands, of years without issue?  What changed?

The “Seven Countries Study” by Ancel Keys is one of the leading studies that began the demonization process of saturated fat and cholesterol in our diets.  Keys claimed that dietary saturated fat is the cause of heart disease and mortality.  However, according to some, the data within the study was actually biased and flawed.  These claims say that instead of publishing the correlations he found within 22 countries, the researcher picked out and published information only from the countries that supported his hypothesis.  (See here…) 

Yet even with this evidence, the food industry and the medical world have clung on to Keys’ study, and other similar ones, and have promoted them (and money-making low-fat products… *ahem*) as absolute truth.

But there’s another side to the story; one that we don’t hear of often, unless we go looking for it.  Weston A. Price is one of my favorite historical researchers.  His studies from around the world claim that saturated fat and cholesterol are extremely healthy and beneficial to our bodies…

(When they come from a pure source, i.e. grass fed, naturally raised animals!)

Even more recent analyses published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition support the notion that saturated fat is safe.  This meta-analysis of 347,747 participants found “no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk” of heart disease or stroke.  (See article…)

The fact of the matter is, there are dozens – if not hundreds – of studies supporting the “saturated fat is bad” hypothesis.  And there are dozens – if not hundreds – of studies supporting the “saturated fat is good” hypothesis.  I am convinced that as long as we live in a fallen world with imperfect people, it will be superbly difficult, if not impossible, to find “science” that is totally and completely without flaw or bias.

So what do we do with all of this conflicting information, then?  When your health and your family’s health is important to you, it can be a huge source of frustration and confusion.  How do we decide which claims to believe, and what to feed our families?

For me, clarity came when I compared “science” to the Lord’s original design.  It began with choosing to believe that the Lord is all-knowing and perfect, and created our food sources perfectly – saturated fat and all.  Then the choice becomes simple: I will believe the “science” that supports my Creator who transcends science.

621615_10152131490100204_1308094731_oAnd so far, it has not led me astray!  In my own experience, consuming a low-fat diet led me to gain weight and constantly feeling deprived.  But when I ditched diet foods and switched to eating lots of butter, eggs, and other high-fat foods from well-raised animals, my body slowly but consistently changed.  I dropped weight and haven’t felt deprived since.  (Read that full story here…)

My father has also experienced the healing effects of eating from Creation.  A few years ago, his doctor wanted to put him on cholesterol-lowering medication.  Instead, he chose to try lifestyle changes first.  He began filling his body with real food: grass fed beef and butter, lots of eggs, and coconut oil (all of which are high in naturally-occurring saturated fat!)  And guess what happened?  He returned to the doctor a few months later and his alarming blood work results had been reversed back to health.

His doctor was shocked at the extreme change in his health in such a small amount of time – and through such a simple means!

All that to say, my real food discovery has taught me so much about trusting my body, and especially trusting the One who created it.  I trust that He knew what he was doing when he formed the composition of milk and eggs.

He made chickens to produce eggs with two parts:  whites and yolks.  The yolk is like an supreme multi-vitamin that nourishes a growing chick.  When we isolate the whites, we lose so much of the nourishment.  The Lord made cows and goats to produce full fat, raw milk.  And it is the same with humans!  A mother’s milk is raw, and it is extremely high in cholesterol and fat.  Because the Lord knows that is what is needed to nourish the human body.470569_10151806311055204_1055490536_o

When we alter and modify the already-perfect food He created, we miss out on the amazing benefit He intended for us.  So eat those yolks and pour some (real) heavy cream into your coffee tomorrow morning!

Your body will thank you.

I could really go on…and on…and on.  And I will.  So stay tuned for part two!



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