Real food is not a fad

I’ve talked about dieting before.  I’ve been through the ups and downs of dieting and all of the frustration that goes along with it.  I’ve told the story about how I lost 35 lbs when I stopped dieting.  But today I’m feeling especially fired up about the industry itself.  They need to be challenged and exposed.

To put things bluntly, the diet industry does not have your best interest at heart.  The core of their existence is greed.  They invoke desperation in the consumer, and their businesses flourish because of it.

In 2012, the weight loss industry made 20 BILLION DOLLARS off of the 108 MILLION consumers that used their products or services.

Of those 108 million people, 85% were female and made 4-5 attempts at losing weight within that one year.

Yet, the only ones thriving are the companies and the celebrities that are endorsing them.


Failed attempt after failed attempt produces a more tired, more discouraged, and more desperate consumer.  Their gimmicks do not work!

They provide you with hope for miraculous results, yet give you an unsustainable product or service.  As a personal trainer, I have worked with dozens of weight loss clients who are at the end of their ropes.  I have worked with people who have tried every diet under the sun and every method of weight loss technology available to them.  I have been forced by greedy and corrupt managers to hook people up to laser machines that promised immediate fat depletion.  But the only thing sucked out of these people was their money.  (Don’t worry, I quit that job as soon as I could!)

And what about restrictive diets?  They may help you lose weight, but how long can you maintain it?  The creators of these diets and products may want you to “succeed”, but it is only out of self-interest.  It is so that their product sells more.  They know that these diets are not realistic or maintainable long-term.  Not to mention the fact that all calories are not created equal… and being skinny doesn’t even guarantee health.

The key to our health has already been provided by our Creator.  Man-made diets, weight loss shakes and powders will do nothing for you, compared to what eating from Creation will.

Think about the stark difference between the two.  The diet industry promotes itself in commercials, advertisements, and crazy amounts of incentives paid toward celebrity reps.  They want your business and your money.

On the contrary, our Creator handed us everything we need in order to thrive.  Plants, animals, herbs, roots, provide the total and complete nourishment we need to be well.  He asks for no payment in return for His provision.  He gave it unconditionally, for our benefit.  He simply wants us to be well.

So who do you trust?

Real health is not found in a powder or a machine.  Real food is not a fad.  Real food is not cool.  Real food is not just for hippies or crunchy moms or celebrities.  Real food is what we were made to eat.  It is what our bodies thrive off of.  Period.  Real food, and real health is found in Creation.

Run from diets, and just eat real food.  Overwhelmed or don’t know where to start?  Subscribe via email or follow my facebook page for more recipes and tips for natural living.  It is worth it to be well!


4 thoughts on “Real food is not a fad

  1. Oh you are so sensible my new friend! What a well-thought-out post. To let you know how much America has gone downhill, when I began my nutritional counseling career in 1991, it was only a 65 million dollar business.

    It is obvious you practice what you preach for beauty radiates from within and expands with your brilliant smile. Blessings back,


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