Hi, all!

I wanted to provide a list of some of my favorite books and other resources that have greatly influenced my wellness journey.

“Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon:  This is the book that started it all.  I used to follow a low-fat diet in attempts to lose weight, and it never worked.  This book opened my eyes to the incredible gift of real food that is so often overlooked and distorted.  Now I eat bacon, butter, and whole-fat, grassfed dairy.  And I am happier and healthier than ever.  Read it.  It’s a life changer.

“Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Natasha Campbell-McBride:  Hippocrates once said “all disease begins in the gut.”  This book explains why healing your gut may be the key to healing the rest of your body.

“”:  Still afraid of eggs?  Chris Masterjohn, Phd in Nutritonal Sciences explains why cholesterol is extremely necessary and beneficial to our health (when from a natural source!).

“In His Image”:  This book pushed my thinking deeper and deeper into what it truly means to be made well by our Creator.  The author explains in fascinating detail how the internal workings of our bodies give direct examples of our Creator’s character and what it means to live as part of the Body of Christ.

“Essential Oils Pocket Reference”:  Are you an essential oil lover like me?  This book is an extremely helpful and thorough guide to essential oils, their uses, history, and even Biblical references to their use in ancient times.  If you haven’t ventured into the oil world, but have questions or interest, go here.


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